Will in Turkey

Most foreign property owners in Turkey are not aware that a Turkish will is required to ensure easy transition of their title deeds to their benefactors.

We can help you set up a will which will reflect your wishes accurately.

If one should pass away without a Turkish will in place indicating who they wish to inherit their assets, the property may be held by Turkish government and any heir(s) may need to take legal action to prove their right to claim these assets. While a will in ones own country will provide evidence in their support, this could be a long winded process involving bureaucracy and red tape.

By making a will in Turkey you are over-riding the automatic rules and ensuring that the person/s you want to gift your property to can claim it and avoid other parties from inheriting.

In order to qualify to draft a will, you must be physically present in Turkey. The will document will be drafted after which you will attend the notary public with the document to notarize the will. In cases where the immovable asset is owned by 2 or more parties, each party must draw up a separate will.